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Water pipe prices in Egypt 2024

May 15,2024

Water pipes are one of the most important components of the foundation of any property or facility, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. They are responsible for transporting fresh water from its source to various points of use. Therefore, it is necessary to choose water pipes with great care, and the question of water pipe prices remains the most important question for all real estate residents, those planning finishes, or contractors.

In addition to the price, you must take into account its type, diameter, manufacturing materials, and thickness, to ensure the quality and efficiency of the plumbing system, and this is what you will get through the Felpateer Trading Company, as it is the authorized distributor for major companies, in addition to being the exclusive distributor for Cosmoplast, the leading company in the field of pipe manufacturing. Felpateer Company offers the best quality. To choose the largest companies and the best prices, call now.

Types of water pipes

There are different types of water pipes, and each type has its characteristics and uses. Here are some of the most important types of water pipes:

  1. Plastic pipes


  • PVC: The most common and widespread type of plastic pipes. It is used in sewage networks and transporting cold and hot water. It is characterized by its low price and ease of installation.
  • HDPE: It is characterized by its durability and ability to withstand high pressures. It is used in irrigation and water transport networks in places at risk of freezing.
  • PPR: It is characterized by its resistance to heat and pressure. It is used in hot water networks and central heating systems, and it is also considered among the best-priced water pipes.
  1. Metal pipes
  • Iron
    • Galvanized Iron: Strong and durable, but prone to rust. It is used in sewage networks and cold water transportation.
  • Black iron
    • Plumbing: It is often used in sewage installations and cold water transportation, but this has become a thing of the past and no one prefers iron as a result of the many problems that iron pipes go through.
    • To burn: Used in central heating systems.
  • Copper
    • Corrosion resistant: It is used in hot and cold water networks and is also used in sanitary ware installations.
  • Stainless steel
    • Corrosion resistant: The most durable and strong type of metal pipes. It is used in hot and cold water networks and central heating systems.

What pipes are used in plumbing installation?

Many features distinguish one type from another, which gives priority to one type over another, in addition to some disadvantages. Also, we should not forget the prices of water pipes, which are always an important factor among the factors on which they are evaluated. For example, copper water pipes are among the distinguished types of pipes, but the price is criticized for them. It is expensive and difficult to manufacture.

Therefore, many people have turned to using plastic pipes, which are preferred over many types. Below we will present some of the most important features of Felpateer pipes. 

For more information and details, call now.

The type of pipes used in plumbing installation depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

  1. Type of use
  • Cold water: Plastic (PVC, HDPE), metal (galvanized iron)
  • Hot water: Plastic (PPR), metal (brass, stainless steel)
  1. Sanitation
  • Plastic (PVC), Plastic (HDPE).
  1. Water pressure
  • low pressure: Plastic (PVC, HDPE, PPR)
  • high pressure: Metal (brass, stainless steel)
  1. Budget (water pipe prices)
  • Plastic: lower cost
  • Mineral: More expensive

Plumbing establishment

Establishing plumbing is a complex process that requires high skill and experience. The item of establishing plumbing always comes up with many people asking how much water pipes cost. This is because it is considered among the highest prices in establishing plumbing.

But through Felpateer Trading and Distribution Company, you can fully invest through complete establishment systems through the best Egyptian and international brands and certainly competitive prices.

Sharif plumbing tools prices

Water pipe prices through Al-Sherif Company, which is one of the most famous companies that manufacture plumbing tools in Egypt. Felpateer Company is distinguished by being the agent for many companies and brands such as Al-Sherif Company. Felpateer Company offers many products that are available in the Egyptian market, but through Felpateer Company at competitive prices. High-quality products, prices at Felpateer Company range to:

  • dishwashing

Waterfall: from 150 to 350 Egyptian pounds.

Roundabout: from 200 to 500 Egyptian pounds.

  • Facial wash basin

Waterfall: from 100 to 250 Egyptian pounds.

Roundabout: from 150 to 400 Egyptian pounds.

  • Mixers

Kitchen sink: from 250 to 700 Egyptian pounds.

Bathtub: from 300 to 1000 Egyptian pounds.

  • Noise

Manual: from 100 to 300 Egyptian pounds.

Fixed: from 200 to 500 Egyptian pounds.

  • Exchange tools

Floor strainer: from 50 to 200 Egyptian pounds.

Drainage network: from 100 to 500 Egyptian pounds.

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom plumbing is one of the most important components of any bathroom, as it includes installing the internal plumbing system, and then finishing the sinks, mixers, filters, etc…

The plumbing establishment stage is considered one of the important stages, and this is because it is among the stages that are established before the finishing process. All plumbing tools are considered burial materials, so they must be of good quality to be completely reassured. Therefore, Felpateer Company emphasizes high quality and provides competitive prices to the Egyptian and Arab markets.

Water pipe prices through Felpateer Company

Water pipe prices vary depending on their type, diameter, manufacturing materials, and thickness, in addition to the brand and country of manufacture. In general, plastic pipes are the most widespread due to their low prices and ease of installation.

Felpateer Company offers a wide variety of water pipes of various types and sizes at competitive prices. To view specific prices for water pipes from Felpateer Company, contact us now to find out more prices.

PVC pipes:

Diameter 20 mm: from 10 to 00 EGP per meter.

Diameter 25 mm: from 15 to 00 EGP per meter.

Diameter 32 mm: from 20 to 00 EGP per meter.

HDPE Pipes:

Diameter 20 mm: from 20 to 00 Egyptian pounds per meter.

Diameter 25 mm: from 25 to 00 EGP per meter.

Diameter 32 mm: from 30 to 00 EGP per meter.

PPR Pipes:

Diameter 20 mm: from 30 to 00 EGP per meter.

Diameter 25 mm: from 35 to 00 EGP per meter.

Diameter 32 mm: from 40 to 00 EGP per meter.

Note: These prices are approximate and vary according to type and quality. For more details and prices of water pipes, please contact Felpateer International Trading Company for more details. Call now.

common questions

The price of a meter of green water pipes in 2024?

First, we must ask what green pipes are, and the answer will be, polypropylene pipes, which are green pipes, or what is meant by water pipes. Certainly, the price of polypropylene pipes is determined by several factors, including what is the producing company, what type, what is the thickness, and the diameter per meter. One to determine the price.

These are important factors in determining the price, but you can find out the current prices by contacting the Felpateer company or communicating through the official website to find out more details and current prices.

What are the best types of water pipes?

It is certainly considered the best polypropylene water pipes, and it is among the best types for ease of maintenance, ease of installation, and competitive prices in the Egyptian market. There are many different types of polypropylene. You can view the types and prices through the Felpateer Trading Company. Call now.

How many water pipes?

Unfortunately, there are no fixed numbers, as each type of different pipe has a different value from the other, so it is difficult to determine how many bars each type is, in addition to determining the endurance based on use as well, but in general.

  • The recommended water pressure for plastic water pipes ranges between 10 and 25 bar.
  • While the recommended water pressure for mineral water pipes ranges between 50 and 100 bar.

Note: These are just approximate values, and you should always check with the manufacturers or contact Felpateer for all details and recommended water pressure