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Plastic sewer pipe prices

Plastic sewer pipe prices

May 14,2024

Plastic sewer pipe prices vary greatly and vary by brandfor mark Other commercial prices also vary from one place to another and from one distributor to another. So it is difficult to determine the price.

But in general, is determined pipe price Based on many factors that will be mentioned in the article, or you can contact Flowpater Company, one of the leading companies in the field of distributing sewage pipes. It has many companies and brands.

In addition to that companyFelpateer is The exclusive agent for Cosmoplast International Company, which has many branches around the world, so you can contact Flowpater Company to find out more information about plastic sanitation pipe prices and types and to contract for many products.

What are sewer pipes External

External sewer pipes are the pipes and systems that are used to direct wastewater and sewage away from buildings and homes to external collection or treatment points. These pipes are considered an essential part of the sewerage infrastructure in cities, urban and rural areas. Many people ask about the prices of sewer pipes. Plastic and the types available. You can find out more information and details by contacting us.

External sewer pipes are designed to withstand changing environmental conditions such as temperature changes, weather effects, corrosion, soil, soil compaction, and other environmental factors. They are usually made of materials such as plastic (such as PVC - HDPE), iron, cast iron, or fiber-reinforced cement.

External sewer pipes are typically installed underground, where they are directed away from buildings and homes to sewage treatment plants or discharge points. These pipes must be properly installed and well connected to ensure that wastewater does not leak and to maintain public health and environmental safety.

Uses of hdpe pipes

Sanitation pipes or HDPE pipes are an essential part of any sanitation system, playing a vital role in directing wastewater away from homes and buildings effectively and safely. Hence, the importance of sewage pipes is to maintain the health of the environment and society and prevent the spread of diseases and environmental pollution.

Plastic sewer pipe prices are determined based on their types. Sewer pipes come in several types, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, and others. These types differ in the materials used in their manufacture and in their ability to withstand pressure, withstand different temperatures, and resist corrosion.

The quality of sanitation pipes depends on several factors, including the materials used in their manufacture, the manufacturing and inspection processes followed, and their compliance with approved health and environmental standards and regulations. Quality also includes the pipes’ resistance to leakage and damage, their ability to be easily installed using simple tools, as well as their ability to adapt to different operating conditions.

Drainage pipe prices

Of course, it is difficult to provide prices for sewer pipes, and this is because the prices of plastic sewer pipes vary greatly depending on many factors such as:

Pipe type: Sanitary pipes are available in different types such as PVC, HDPE, ABS, and cast iron, and each type has its own cost.

Diameter and length: The price of plastic pipes also depends on their diameter and length. The greater the diameter and length, the greater the cost.

Quality and specifications: Prices vary depending on the quality of the pipes and their tolerance to environmental conditions, pressure, and corrosion.


For more details and prices of plastic sanitation pipes, please contact the major distribution companies in Egypt and the Middle East Felpateer Plastic Pipes Trading is an agent for major Arab brands. Specific estimates can be provided based on your needs and project specifications. Contact us now.

6 inch sewer pipe price

A 6-inch HDPE sewer pipe is commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing applications. The most common use for a 6-inch sewer pipe is to connect the main building drain line of a home or business to the city sewer system.

This pipe is also used to connect any smaller sewer lines in a home or business to the main sewer line. There are a few different options for 6-inch sewer pipes, but HDPE pipe is the best choice.

It is not possible to determine the prices of plastic sanitation pipes, and this is due to many factors, including the length of the pipe, thickness, and diameter, which are basic factors for determining pipe price, so it cannot be determined6 inch drain pipe price Directly, but it can be said in general that the price of 6-inch sewer pipes ranges from 130 Egyptian pounds to 220 Egyptian pounds per meter of 6 inches.

For more information about prices or the price of a 6-inch drainage pipe, you can contact Grow Up Distribution companies company Felpateer To distributes plastic pipes and is an agent for major Arab brands. You can communicate through the website or WhatsApp. Call now.

HDPE pipe prices in Egypt

There are many different types of plastic water pipes available, so the prices of plastic sewage pipes vary from one type to another and according to use.

HDPE pipes are used in water supply and drainage systems. Pipes are generally manufactured in different diameters and from a variety of materials depending on the intended use.

Pipes are supplied to the work site in different lengths. They can be cut, bent, and connected to build water supply or drainage networks. As for the quality of the pipes, they must be durable and last for long periods.

To ensure quality, you must contact a company with a good reputation in the Egyptian market and the foreign market to ensure the quality of the product, non-imitation, and guarantee the original product. It is considered a company Felpateer The first company in Egypt to distribute many types of pipes and many different brands, so you can contact the company Felpateer To find out more information about sanitation pipes and plastic sanitation pipe prices, call now.

Sewage pipe sizes

Sanitation pipes come in a variety of sizes that vary according to the project’s needs and requirements. Here are some common sizes of sanitation pipes:


  • outside diameter: Outdoor sewer pipes typically range in diameter from 2 inches to 60 inches and more.
  • Inner diameter(ID): It is the internal measurement of the pipe. It is determined by subtracting the wall thickness of the two pipes from the outside diameter.
  • Fish: It determines the wall thickness of pipes and is important for determining the strength and tolerance of pipes to pressure and environmental influences.
  • Length: Sanitation pipes are usually available in different lengths starting from 2 meters up to 6 meters, but can be customized to a different length as needed.
  • Bends and connections: Sanitary pipes include a variety of connections and bends, such as angles and flanges, which help guide...And delivery pipes effectively.

In general, sewer pipe sizes vary as well Plastic sewer pipes, but the size starts from 2 inches and can reach 60 inches. For more information about plastic sewer pipes, you can contact us.

Authorized distributors of sanitary pipes

Flopater Plastic Pipes Trading Company is one of the leading companies in the field of distributing drainage pipes in the market, as it is distinguished by its long experience and good reputation in this field. The company was founded by a group of professionals and experts in the field of pipes trading. Floater has a qualified work team trained at the highest level of expertise. Efficiency and professionalism.

One of the most prominent features of the company Felpateer It has competitive prices for plastic sanitation pipes, in addition to being considered the exclusive agent for Cosmoplast, which is one of the leading companies in manufacturing and manufacturing high-quality plastic pipes. Cosmoplast products are characterized by durability, reliability, and high performance, making them the ideal choice for major companies and institutions looking for reliable and effective sanitation solutions.

Flopater Company guarantees to provide a variety of plastic pipes in various sizes and shapes to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The company is also interested in providing excellent customer services, including fast delivery and distinguished technical support.

Thanks to the quality of its products and excellent services, Flopater is trusted by major companies and customers in the market and continues to provide the best solutions in the field of distributing plastic drainage pipes for various industrial and commercial needs.

common questions

What are the advantages of polyethylene pipes?

Polyethylene pipes have many advantages head  Polycarbonate plastic sewer pipe prices Competitiveness Which makes it an excellent choice for many applications, including:

  1. Resistance


  • Corrosion resistance: Polyethylene pipes do not react with chemicals in soil or water, making them resistant to corrosion and corrosion.
  • Shock resistance: Polyethylene pipes are characterized by their flexibility and ability to absorb shocks, making them less likely to break when exposed to shocks.
  • UV resistance: Some types of polyethylene pipe have high resistance to UV rays, making them suitable for outdoor use.
  1. Properties
  • Lightweight: Polyethylene pipes are lightweight, making them easy to transport and install.
  • Flexible: Polyethylene pipes have high flexibility, which makes them easy to bend and change direction.
  • Smooth Surface: Polyethylene pipes have a smooth inner surface, which reduces fluid friction and prevents sediment build-up.
  • Long Lifespan: Polyethylene pipes can last over 50 years when properly installed and maintained.

In addition to that, it has many other advantages, such as ease of installation, low cost, and many uses. It is used in water networks, sewage systems, gas, irrigation systems, and industrial applications. In addition to the prices of polyethylene plastic sewer pipes, they are among the best prices for sewer pipes.

HDPE pipe prices?

The price of high-density polyethylene pipes depends on several factors: what is the appropriate size for use, thickness, and diameter? These are all factors through which the prices of high-density polyethylene pipes are determined. Therefore, these factors must be determined and then the price is determined, but in general the price of a meter of pipe ranges. Polyethylene ranges from 0,000 Egyptian pounds to 0,000 Egyptian pounds, and this is determined based on these factors. For more information and detailed prices, please contact us now