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Founded in 2003, to supply plastic pipes, fittings & all its supplies. It then became one of the largest distributors to some of the largest plastic pipes & fittings producers. It also started importing Cosmoplast (UAE) polypropylene pipes & fittings as the company's agent.

Cosmoplast is considered one of the major factories in the Gulf. 
Felopateer started supporting this factory through projects & consultant accreditation.
Also importing pipe clamps produced by Zer Kelepçe, Turkey.
Fully supplying both construction companies & project contractors, helping them transport all supplies to project sites or to their warehouses. 
The company also provides various payment facilities & is committed to delivery schedules.

We are considered one of the largest distributors of Epeco, Misr Elhegaz, Misr El Nour, Rigo, Kumar, Kessel, Smart Home, Bänninger (BR), GM, Aquatherm, RAKtherm & Al Sharif.

Our Products:
Cosmoplast - Drainage pipe - Plastic pipe - Plastic water pipe - Polypropylene pipe fittings - Polypropylene pipe manufacturers - Polypropylene water pipe - PVC connectors - PVC fitting - PVC pipe manufacturers - PVC pipe suppliers